From Research to Writing

Over the last month, we’ve taken our research and begun to reorganize it. The structure is fairly straightforward. 

  1. Develop a Thesis (ELA Teachers collaborated with me and taught this in their classes during October).
  2. Develop 3 Claims to support that Thesis (some students have a 4th or 5th Claim – even better!).
  3. Support Each Claim with at least 3 pieces of Evidence. (both steps 2 and 3 are done with the Thesis-Claim-Evidence Graphic Organizer Found here: , as well as in their drives on the Google File Cabinet)

Once students have this complete, they are organized and ready to write. The main assignment is the standard 5-paragraph expository essay, a history class staple. We used the following Graphic Organizer (completed in their Google Drives) to transition from their organization to writing. Students had the option of completing it if they’d like, and use it as a scaffold to writing the essay. (*note: this is due on 11/25,  however, I’m giving 10 points extra credit if this is completed by their ELA class on 11/22 (this Friday).