An Introduction, to Perfection

I’m reading a lot over break…. a lot of 5 paragraph essays. This introduction to a paper stands out as, quite possibly, perfection. Well done, Heather H. (8th period). 

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like now without a certain person’s influence on it? How technology would ensue, or maybe how people would be viewed? How about Walt Disney? Walt Disney changed the world by creating many of the first things for the animation industry to utilize, influence other artists, and cause an enormous impact on mass media. How could one man possibly obtain such a stellar reputation? By accomplishing many of the first things the animation industry had ever seen, Walt Disney has been the most influential American in Entertainment of the twentieth century.


Research Papers: Phase 2, Complete!

Phase 1 – Collect Information, Determine Purpose

Phase 2 – Organize Information, Write First (Rough Draft)

Phase 3 – Revise and Finalize

We’re largely done with Rough Drafts (those who are completed will have a grade in Parent Connect, possible points 25). If a student has not yet completed their Rough Draft, it should be shared with me by the end of class on Monday.  As that phase comes to completion, let’s look at how we finalize this process.

  • We’ll need to edit the language, grammar, and style of writing. (done, mostly, in ELA class on 11/25)
  • Make sure the thesis has been maintained and is arguable. 
  • Do you claims support your thesis? The claims themselves do not have to be arguable (though it would be nice), but as long as we support the thesis with a clear claim, your in great shape.
  • Are you using evidence to support your claims? Saying the Field Museum brings more people to Chicago is nice, but do you have a number?

The Rough Draft is NOT the final draft… the students have now composed an essay that they will revisit and improve. Rough Drafts will NOT be due until Friday, 12/6. 

Quiz 3 – Extra Credit Opportunity

History teaches us that the explorers such as Columbus, Cortes, Cabot, des Champlain and others were motivated to explore the New World in search of gold, God and glory. However, they were not always motivated by all three factors. In fact, one factor may be a stronger motivation than others.

From what you have read and studied of these explorers in the text book, in readings, in class or in your own research, what do you think their primary motivation was? For extra credit, please identify one explorer and identify what his primary motivation was. Please identify which explorer you chose and the country for which he explored. Also, identify at least one piece of evidence that leads you to believe what his primary motivation was and the source for this evidence.

By completing this assignment you will be able to raise the score of your quiz 3

one grade level.

From Research to Writing

Over the last month, we’ve taken our research and begun to reorganize it. The structure is fairly straightforward. 

  1. Develop a Thesis (ELA Teachers collaborated with me and taught this in their classes during October).
  2. Develop 3 Claims to support that Thesis (some students have a 4th or 5th Claim – even better!).
  3. Support Each Claim with at least 3 pieces of Evidence. (both steps 2 and 3 are done with the Thesis-Claim-Evidence Graphic Organizer Found here: , as well as in their drives on the Google File Cabinet)

Once students have this complete, they are organized and ready to write. The main assignment is the standard 5-paragraph expository essay, a history class staple. We used the following Graphic Organizer (completed in their Google Drives) to transition from their organization to writing. Students had the option of completing it if they’d like, and use it as a scaffold to writing the essay. (*note: this is due on 11/25,  however, I’m giving 10 points extra credit if this is completed by their ELA class on 11/22 (this Friday).