Thoughts on our Research Project

It’s apparent that our research project is causing some angst. A few thoughts on this long-term assignment:

  1. I have not provided enough in-class support to help students research. This is probably because I have a student teacher, and in fact, usually spend more time teaching research skills than I think I do. As a result, a lot of kids have put off doing this assignment out of frustration. I realize that I need to spend more time clarifying a few components of research. This talk also requires some time in
  2. Students need to write down the passwords located in the IMC or in my room. I cannot post them here, as that’s illegal!
  3. Due tomorrow are our first 10 sources. Due to the realization that some students may need more assistance with research, those that cannot find 10 won’t be penalized. Instead, tomorrow I will teach better research skills. Those that do not have their 10 resources will be allotted another week to do so. Those that do, can take some time off! I will introduce the thesis component next Friday, and move deadlines back a week or two. More on that later, as I want to focus on finding resources.

Lastly, I encourage students to talk to me when they need help. I know have a student teacher makes it a little more difficult, but students still have a number of ways to contact me (email, docs, etc) if I’m not available in person. Even though I may not respond to an email right away, I will make sure to get in touch with the student the next day.