Regarding BB Tryouts…

Boys JV Basketball tryouts are around the corner. I met with boys this morning and reviewed this points.

  • Please read the letter I have prepared below.
  • I expect over 50 boys to tryout. I’m only keeping 12, perhaps 15 if necessary. This means almost 40 ore more boys will not make the team. This should NOT be the end of your career, nor should you be discouraged. Find a club, work with a trainer, or play rec league hoops. Come back and prove me wrong next year!
  • Just because you played last year, I coached your sister, or you’re tall, does not guarantee you a spot. I’m taking the best 12-15 players. Period. This is the only fair way to make a very difficult decision. Please know if you do not make the team, it’s simply because you are not one of the best 12-15 players. Keep playing, and keep getting better!