Research Paper

On Friday, we kick off our first big project. Students will get to choose a topic in Illinois or Chicago History, and will eventually compose a research paper. While the paper isn’t due until November 15th, we will spend the next 8 weeks learning research methodology, developing resources, organizing what we learn, and synthesizing what this all means. More on all this later. For now, students need to 1) pick a topic to research and 2) complete the google form identifying why this is an important topic.

There are four questions you must answer YES to before deciding on a topic:

  1. Is it related to Chicago and Illinois History?
  2. Is it important? Did something change as a result of your topic?
  3. Can you find information on your topic? (you’ll need at least 10 resources)
  4. Is it historic? Did it happen before you were born?

Final project topics must be decided on by Friday, September 27th. 

Use these sites to explore topics you have an interest in. When done, please find the “Project Selection” form at the bottom of this Doc to evaluate and explain your topic.

Banned topics: Al Capone, Chicago Fire, Sears/Willis Tower & (most) sports teams

Have an idea for a topic that is not listed? Awesome!!! Talk to Mr. Little or Mr. McDonough.

Topic Submission form is here:

PS: for those parents savvy enough to recognize, yes, this is the beginning of “History Fair.” We are not formally launching it until December, but this research project will eventually grow into History Fair. More on that much, much later.