End of an Era…

Taken me a long time to come to this conclusion, but, I’m taking some time off from girls basketball. I will not be coaching our Varsity Girls Basketball team next year, nor will I, for the first time since 2005, have any part in the girls program.

This is a sad reality, considering how hard I’ve worked to build a strong program. We’ve been successful both on and off the court. I have tremendous relationships with dozens of former players and their families. But the demands of my program, my profession, and my family are too great to share. I have, literally, accomplished every goal I had with this program when I started it. But, at least for now, I’m taking some time away from basketball.


I’m incredibly excited about the future, though. John and I  are planning an October road trip to Indianapolis and Richmond VA to meet and observe some our profession’s best coaches. I plan to spend my post-JV portion of the season studying the game in a variety of ways, and am excited to do some things that I never get to do during our season. And, I have some quality time ahead with Mason, someone who has been accustomed to early goodbyes and 11:00 pm goodnights, long after he went to bed.


The reality is that I have at least another 30 years for me to teach. Given my love for basketball and the people I’ve coached, I’m certainly not done. I may begin a team for my son and his friends, as he loves basketball. I may train players individually. My best friend (my wife, Jen) has encouraged me to pursue high school coaching. Or maybe I’ll rebuild a new program at Lakeview, a program that, despite Varsity success, has slowly faded for a variety of reasons the last few years. I’m sad that I won’t get to coach Lindsey and Jennifer and Kaitlyn and their teammates next year. But there’s always a Lindsey and a Jennifer… the year after its Kelly, then Dana, and on and on… the girls are the heart and soul of my coaching experience, so if I wait until there’s not a  Dana or Rose, I’ll be coaching in perpetuity, and at my own demise.

I probably have a little more to post. I wrote an entirely different blog post last night, so I’ll update and post again as I continue to reflect on the end of my coaching tenure here. Again, I’m sad. But I’m also proud. Few coaches have had the relationships and experiences that I’ve had here. I take a break knowing we did everything I wanted to. And it’s not like Maura or Madison or Ahona or going away anytime soon. Nobody can take away what we’ve learned and accomplished! It’s just a new phase of my career, something I look forward to.