Prepping for the US Constitution Test

We spent much of last Friday (3/22) getting ready for our USC Test. Students took a practice test (Shared with them in their Google Drive) containing 80 of the 100 test questions. I also shared the results for that test via email.  Students also watched a Brain Pop video and took a quiz… you may also one for extra credit, should you like!

Today we’ll review the practice test, and begin this study guide. Unlike most study guides, this one is required to be completed, and will be graded on Monday, 4/8. Below is what I’m passing out today:

We’ll be wrapping up new content this week with a look at our first amendment rights and studying the Supreme Court. Last week, the SCOTUS was the focus of the news, so we’ll use some of this exposure for background knowledge and to build interest. We’ll discuss free speech, protected speech, and freedom of religion  with specific Supreme Court cases and the precedents they’ve set. More to come on this later in the week.