Beating Jefferson

We won by 52 points last night. Yet 20 minutes after the game, My team is still in the locker room, huddled up, players only. Because today is Jefferson.

There are a few programs and coaches I respect more than Jefferson. They’ve won conference three of the last five years And are reliably one of the best teams in the league. In my time as head coach at Lakeview they have been the standard by which we measure ourselves.

Today is special. We are playing for the opportunity to go to a conference championship. We are equally matched. Both Very talented. And we both have already beat each other.

But our goal, of course, is to win a conference championship. It’s only fitting that it’s Jefferson we must beat to Reach that goal. They have won our conference championship, in fact they haven’t lost, the last two years. Our neighbors and friends, it would make winning a championship so much more valuable if we are fortunate enough to beat them again.

But what’s most exciting, is how excited are girls are to beat Jefferson. They understand what that would mean. To become the best, we must beat the best. They aren’t just ready for the challenge, They crave it. Not because it’s the path of least resistance, Watch because of what it would mean

4 o’clock today… It’s going to be a long 10 hours of school!!!