2013 Varsity: Megan

“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.” – George Halas

Another long-time Spartan, Megan is in her 3rd year playing for us. A tremendous team player, Megan’s development has03 been a joy to see.

Megan’s improvement is a product of her dedication. She’s always outside shooting around, is one of our players to often take us up on coming in early or staying late to shoot or watch film, and has an extremely supportive family that helps her improve. Like a couple of other players, Megan is a tremendous teammate. Despite any frustrations of her own, Megan puts her team first. She’s one of the loudest players on the bench, in the huddle, and at practice. She never takes it easy during conditioning. She asks questions to make sure she knows what she’s doing.

One of my favorite things about Megan is her attitude. I usually play all of my girls. A few games I’m unable to, but the vast majority of games gives girls playing time. As a result, in 5 different games, 10 or more of 13 players have scored. 2 of those games, we’ve been one away. Megan has scored in every game she’s been in, but one. After a 6 or 8 point day, she was the only kid that didn’t score. Was probably 0 for 5 on shots right in her sweet spot, so a tough go for her! Instead of pouting, she kept it in perspective and was happy for her teammates that usually don’t get to score. Then came back the next day and scored.

But watching Megan is great because of how hard she tries. Knowing some more aggressive and athletic players are ahead of her, she takes every opportunity to make a statement. A great rebounding night vs. Westview. 8 points vs. Gower. And such a good head-fake-and-drive. Probably 50% of her points have come off it. It’s come as a result of hard work both in her driveway and at practice with us. Her spirit is indomitable and contagious. She’s a part of that “Championship Atmosphere” because of her attitude and persistent desire to do better. To challenge her own shy nature. To “be mean.” And to constantly give her absolute best.