What I Learned Today: ISAT Day 1, Day 2 and “extra time”

ISATs screw everything up. I see 2 classes 3 times and 3 classes 2 times. So, 2 classes, yesterday, ended up having a lively discussion on current events, largely evaluating the effectiveness of the President. It was a fun day of just “talking,” but highly relevant to the powers of Congress and the Executive branch. We event did a little economics, which is tough for some junior high kids to wrap their minds around. Cognitively, the complexity of how our economy works is very difficult to comprehend. An organic and engaging conversation on it was fun!

The first day is using pages 252-57 and Q 1-6 to build background on what the three branches do. Some  is review, some is new, but it’s largely concrete info we need going forward.

The second day of ISATs (tomorrow/Thursday) will consist of these notes on Article 3: