Varsity 2013: Cara

“Nothing will work unless you do.”A61D5356  John Wooden

Cara is an example of “it’s never too late to try basketball.” In only her second year, Cara has ascended to a part-time starter and the first post off the bench. Her aggressiveness and athleticism set her apart from teammates and opponents. Cara was one of our more reliable Spartans during summer workouts and open gyms.  Her progress is a testament to her work ethic, and desire to prove her ability with teammates & friends with a long history on the court. Her physical strength challenges her teammates, and her dedication to improve pushes her teammates not to get complacent.

Cara is also one of our best teammates. Dependable and never a distraction, Cara also has a knack of making her teammates laugh, either with her sense of humor or just some embarrassing accident. Especially when your coaches place high expectations on you, it’s nice to have the tension broken. After an outstanding victory at rival Jefferson last week (with one starter out and another sick), Cara led the team, running off the court into the locker room… door, which was locked shut. Cara hit the door at full speed, adding yet another element of delight to everyone’s afternoon. Cara was also responsible for that win by keeping Jefferson’s best player off the glass with consistently great boxing out and rebounding. With our starting center/pf sick, Cara stepped up and played the best game of the year.

I’ll miss the energy that Cara brings to practice and everything she does. Despite a lack of experience, Cara has jumped into basketball with the same enthusiasm that she lives life with. Without her, we wouldn’t be running into doors or over other teams.