Reflecting on My Girls: Varsity 2013

IMG_3603The end of this season marks the end of a special one. This season has been enjoyable and successful because we’re setting records, losing rarely, and beating teams by an average of 30 points. But it’s been special  because of the girls. They’ve been involved in our program like no other group has. They’ve played Sunday League since 5th grade. Have been attending open gyms, individual training, and clinicians. They’ve played on our school team for 1,2 or 3 years. And they even did their own fundraiser for sweet new uniforms. This group has been special because nobody has shown the level of dedication to this program, their coaches, and each other quite like they have.

Teaching and coaching in this district has it’s challenges. 4 of the other 10 schools are bigger than us. Sports are not the number 1 priority (our kids are well-balanced and involved in many things, including being successful in school). And there is no strong feeder or travel program in the area. One player travels 20-25 minutes from home to play for a good travel team year round.

But what this group of girls has is dedication. They have desire. They really want to be good at basketball. And they have coaches that want to help them love this great game.

Instead of boring the crap out of everyone at the banquet by talking about them too long, I’ve decided to given them each their own space here. I can write as long as I want without worrying about a time limit. They deserve a little bit of public praise, so bring it. I have roughly 13 days left until our season and time with the girls is up. So, I’ll write a blog post about one of the girls every day. 2 of these girls are 7th graders, so they’ll be back, but 11 of them have only a few days left as a Spartan. For all they’ve done, the least I can do is a little shout-out and public pat on the back