What I Learned Today: 2/22/13

Today, we worked on our president projects. My partner and I looked up the life of the president that we were assigned  and make a comic life on that president.

Thanks, Brandon O.! Here’s a little more:

I shared with students a terrific example of a 100-word bio:

Barack Obama, the 44th president, and  is one of both the most polarizing and revolutionary presidents. Although his term is not over he has yet to address many of the nations top priorities, gun control and the nation’s debt. He has passed universal health care and passed a stimulus bill to jumpstart the economy. This democratic president who was born in Hawaii, is the first biracial president in US history. The congress he has been forced to work with has been divided and incredibly partisan. President Obama is still serving his second term and his effect on the country is still unclear.

We’re wrapping up our research, and will begin making visuals next week using Comic Life. Students are utilizing their reading strategies of reading with a question in mind, of finding accurate and useful information by using specific examples, and evaluating sources for authenticity and reliability. Yahoo Answers would fit none of those criteria!