Catching up on What I Learned

Thursday was a great day to wrap up what Congress can and cannot do. In addition to their enumerated powers, Congress also has a list of things they explicitly cannot do. Many of these things, such as the inability to create a monarch, are directly influenced by King George. While a few rights are inherently protected here, the Bill of Rights will later add protections to a few things that congress cannot do, such as suspend habeaus corpus.

Friday was quiz day on Article 1 and the Influences of the USC. We learned that preparation is crucial, as students were rewarded with the option of using their study guides on the quiz if they had it!

Tuesday was a sub day, as Mr. Little was out sick. But, in the spirit of President’s Day, we began our study of Article 2 and the Presidency! Our We the People lesson also covers the judiciary, so we really ran the gamut here on the rest of our 3 branches.