What I Learned Today – 2/13/13

So I – Mr. Little – learned something today. I called an audible! Had a great lesson planned, but we had a problem. Kids hadn’t prepared with their homework, nor had they begun to look over the study guide. This is frustrating, considering we’ve talked about being organized and more focused the last 2 weeks. Despite this disappointment, my lesson is useless without the background knowledge of the reading. So, we gave the kids time to read and evaluate, time to work on their notecards, and time to answer study guide questions. After that, we spent some more time reviewing Article 1, talking about what Congress can and cannot do, and answering any related questions.

So, what did I learn? That sometimes, best laid plans need to be set aside for learning to take place! Our kids have a lot going on, and sometimes my class time is crucial to their preparation and organization.