Now THIS is Why I Teach :) @StopBullyingGov #edchat #mschat

Sometimes bad things have to happen to remind us how great kids are.

Yesterday was the first day of our “Pack the Place” basketball games. We play in a bigger gym that holds 300+ people and have a bunch of festivities. Our terrific band has a pep band for the game, we have pre-game festivities, the choir sings the anthem… we essentially create a High School game atmosphere for this one game. It’s become an annual tradition, drawing dozens of alums to come back and visit. Even younger kids come watch the games. It’s a blast!

Yesterday during a heated match of  “musical chairs,” one of our students broke a chair. This is a great student – very intelligent, kind, but sadly, susceptible to bullying. He sat down, and his chair broke. Again. Yes, this happened last year. Same event. Same young man. Ugh…

Now,  considering this student is susceptible to bullying, you can imagine how horrible it would have felt to have been him. But what happened today has gotta make you feel good. Two older girls who are some of the nicest kids you could have taught stepped up and tried to make him feel good. At least two of the girls heard about what happened, and wrote him notes of support and encouragement. Completely unprompted and completely out of the goodness of their hearts. Two older, popular, smart, kind girls went out of their way to write a boy a note letting him know its okay.












Of all the Common Core Standards, MAP goals, and daily objectives we have, THIS is why we teach. Two kids matured and did exactly what we want our kids to exemplify: being good people. Middle school sucks. Everyone feels awkward. Everyone’s embarrassed. And that’s just sitting in Algebra class. So when your chair breaks beneath you in front of 300 other kids…. ouch. But when 2 older girls go out of their way to do something kind… that’s something special. That’s learning how embarrassment feels, and doing something great for another kid. That’s learning. THAT’S why I teach!


2 thoughts on “Now THIS is Why I Teach :) @StopBullyingGov #edchat #mschat

  1. Gerrie Andermann

    So very proud of these young women. As a much older resident of this district, I have paid taxes a long time. My children did not attend these schools. However, I have 4 Grandchildren who have attended all 3 schools. I could not be more thankful, for what I have observed coming from the students, teachers, principal, music personal and office staff at each school. These children are mature and READY FOR HIGH SCHOOL then excel. You still have my last one there. Blessings THANK YOU!!

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