What I Learned Today – 1/29/13

Today’s WILT guest post is by Tamra, 4th Period. Thanks, Tamara for the perfect recap of what I expect from students doing this!! 

Goal: Today’s goal was to explain how Americans lived during the Constitution.

Today in class we read about a French philosopher named Crevecoeur.  Crevecoeur stated that America was a modern society. Usually people in England would think that America is a non desirable place to live. They may even refer to it as being a wilderness. But Crevecoeur had different thoughts.

Crevecoeur was also saying that Americans get freedom and in England it is hard to just even get a loaf of bread with the amount of money the working people get. We also had a new statement of the day which was, ” All men are created equal.” We tried to figure out what that meant in the 1700’s. We came to a conclusion that it meant that all white men were created equally because in the 1700’s there were not a lot of African Americans, and Asians in America. I think Crevecoeur is try to prove to England that they are no better than America and that they shouldn’t think less of people just of because what they hear.

Also in class we started a new notebook writing project. Everyday after class we will write about what we learned everyday. So when we go home and ask ourselves what we learned today, we can just open up our notebooks and review and refresh our memories. This is an exciting thing for me because when it comes time to start to prepare for the test, not only do I have my notes, I also have what we did everyday in class just in case I were to be missing something. This may seem like more work, but trust me the second I heard of this “new idea” I had a good feeling about it.

We also reviewed the principles of the Constitution.  Remember to study for the quiz tomorrow… so you can get a 100%!

Principles of the Constitution:

1) Limited Government

2) Individual rights

3) Checks and Balances

4) Separation of powers

5) Republicanism

6) Federalism

7) Popular Sovereignty

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