Time for an Update…

So I, despite my best intentions, don’t blog much anymore for the most basic of reasons: time. Between preparing students for the Regional History Fair, a Varsity basketball season in which I badly want to send my girls off with what they deserve, and the typically (and increasingly) busy classroom teaching world I live in… well, I don’t sit at my computer very often.

The downside is a lack of information coming home. So I’m making a point to blog more for one major factor – making students accountable. Too many students walk away from my class and haven’t fully engaged themselves in the learning which takes place here. To hold those students accountable, we’ll be updating, daily, what we’ve learned in class. Students can volunteer to add info, as I add class materials when available, to make sure parents are fully in the loop. Because, if a student leaves THIS classroom without being fully engaged, something’s wrong.

This also serves as an accountability check for me. No way anyone should not learn in this room. I work too hard and make things to effective for that. But if I’m off my game, I should know that. And more importantly, if I miss a kid, I should know that. So this blog will serve to reinforce that with myself, too. Nobody works harder to ensure that this a classroom of learning, intellectual curiosity, and a place where students are involved in learning as much as me. I’ll make sure I do that, publicly, through this blog.

First post coming during study hall today :)