American Revolution Quiz

Tomorrow is our first quiz – a brief assessment on the causes of the American Revolution. During the last 2-3 weeks, our unit of study has had 3 objectives.

  1. Explain the events that caused the American Revolution.
  2. Describe the risks the Americans faced prior to, and during the Revolution.
  3. Decide which events and/or people were most important to the Americans becoming an independent nation.

The goal of my quiz is to assess and see what students have learned. I don’t believe a memorization quiz (multiple choice, matching, etc) always does that. This quiz asks students to do several things to show authentic comprehension of the material. It also calls student accountability into the equation. Lazy students can find success on a memorization quiz by cramming in a relatively small period of time. Success on tomorrow’s quiz demands that students have prepared (by studying with the guide I gave them 3 days in advance), have paid attention to and participated in class discussions, have been actively engaged in class activities, and done the required work of our class. This is tough to cram for, and requires hours of fixing if not done on task.

Students have one of two options for the quiz… see the guide below for those options in detail. The bottom portion of the study guide lists people, ideas, vocab, etc. to help give the students a framework or structure for understanding our objectives. Familiarization with them is very helpful to understanding those concepts, but I’m not quizzing rote memorization of them, specifically. Their knowledge of these things should be evident in the answers to options 1 or 2 listed on the study guide.

And these are the notes from class the last week or so: