History Fair – the Home Stretch!!

We’re in turn 4 and headed for the home stretch of our History Fair work… November 30th is just 2 weeks away!

Students have done a tremendous amount of research. Approximately 26 class days and 1200 minutes of class time has been dedicated to the research, analysis, and construction of these projects so far. Students have worked hard, and it’s such a pleasure to guide them on a course of thought that’s all their own. Differentiation, engagement, and motivation all in one (massive) assignment.

Here’s a video describing the elements of an exhibit that our state History Fair coordinator, Pete Harbison, describes carefully:

We’ll ultimately hold our own fair on 12/6. Students will take their projects into the gym to display in a glorious triumph of academic pursuit. The best projects will advance to Northern Illinois’ Regional Fair in March, then the next step would be state – the best projects in the state get to move here! This is what the Illinois History Expo (held in May) looked like last year:

2 weeks to go. A great race needs a strong finishing kick. Work hard!!!

Also – here’s a copy of the rubric I’ll use to grade:

And the rules, again:


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