Election Lesson

Today in class we began an activity which compared the President and Governor Romney. Students identified a series of issues they feel strongly about and compared the candidates using a few articles I provided for them. Students then had to make a decision as to which candidate they support based on those facts. This is a main idea-supporting details lesson as well; I would like to see my students identifying a candidate (main idea) based on their positions and record (details). This is homework for students who did not finish it in class.
I understand these are not the only two candidates, nor is this the most comprehensive comparison of the candidates. But it’s appropriate for our students to gain an understanding of what the candidates believe in, as well as recognize what their beliefs are. This is also a reading comprehension lesson, even if government is not of high interest to students!
Lastly, I provided some links to interesting sites for students to follow regarding the election. Looking forward to seeing some highly engaged and interested students the next 5 days!

This is the powerpoint I used to help explain the Electoral College and the process we use to elect a President: