“Election Break”`

4 Days off this weekend.

For most students, they’re in great shape in regards to History Fair. But with 4 days off, it’s a great opportunity to get some work done for all students. Those a bit behind can catch up; those in great shape can make progress towards building their project.

Wednesday will be our next HF workday. Students need to bring the following items (preferably printed):

  • Their mock-ups (completed and checked on Monday).
  • Thesis
  • Any photos they’ve collected
  • 2-3 typed paragraphs of content “telling their story”

This should not be homework. Students should be done with all this. But I want to sit with each student on Wednesday and lay out their info, helping them see their story.

Elaboration is next phase of this process. Students are learning to elaborate on their thesis with details and facts that they’ve gathered through research. Many students are going to be going back to their resources and collecting more information as they see a need for it. Next weeks focus will be on this elaboration. Bring all your materials – it’s easier to see our work in front of us in order to complete these next steps.

*some students don’t have 3 paragraphs, as they’ve searched for photos and the like. Great! No need for that specific requirement if your photos are high quality and include descriptions. 

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