Building History Fair

As we’re moving into the portion of our project where we build our products, we have 3 steps remaining.

  1. Organize our Project. How will you tell your story? Which sections will you include? How are you going to explain how your topic and how your event is something which changed Chicago? I need students to organize their thoughts into a rough draft of some sort. For displays, that would be a mock-up. For everything else, an outline. Here’s a slideshow of projects to help give you an idea of what I expect. 
  2. Crafting the Text for our Project. Projects need to describe your event. There should be 2 types of text on your display: descriptive (think, 5 W’s) and analysis (why it’s important, what did it change, how is it a turning point).
  3. Finding photos and Visuals. We’ll cover sources to search later. Google Images is a good place to start, but not nearly comprehensive enough to find quality visuals. Don’t forget the sources you originally learned from. Many contain photos and images that will help you develop a visual element to your storytelling.