1st Quarter is over. Wow, time flies.

7th grade is a big year for our kids. Students have become more independent, and our curriculum gets more difficult. Expectations are higher. And students are expected to do more.

A lot more.

This is frustrating for a lot of people, but its an important part of the learning process. It’s why I love teaching 7th grade. Kids need to learn to balance a rigorous curriculum with sports, activities, and social lives. Success in any requires sacrifice of the others, which poses very difficult decisions for students.

Do I pay attention in class, or make my friend laugh?
Do I go see a movie? Or research for history fair?
Do I attend that second basketball practice, or get my homework done?
Do I watch the Bears game, or go to bed and be rested?
Am I accountable for these decisions, or do I blame my teacher, my friend, or my ability?
Do I wait for opportunity, or look for it?

The easy decision is always more enjoyable. That’s why it’s easy. But which is right? What is the responsible thing to do?

So goes the life of a 7th grader… Enjoy the ride, kids :)