Final 2012 JV Boys Basketball Team

Before I post the list, a few things.

I told boys in tryouts that I was cutting good players. All 28 we brought back today could ball, plain and simple. But we can only keep the best 12 players. I’m actually stretching that to 15 because the decision was difficult.

Cutting players is difficult because young kids feel like they’re being told they’re not good. That isn’t true, at least not this year. The boys that don’t make it need to keep playing, keep working, attend clinics/camps, and do whatever they can to get better. Just keep loving the game.

I’m also impressed with the number of boys that shook my hand after tryouts. I genuinely appreciate that these kids gave their best effort during tryouts. Bodies were flying all over the place. Boys fought for their spot. I’m impressed with the young men that came out today, and look forward to their success in basketball down the road.

With that, the JV Boys Basketball team:

  1. Anthony Stellato
  2. Andrew Alfini
  3. Daniel Garcia
  4. Adam Puszkarski
  5. Jack Daly (6th)
  6. Sam Cibulka
  7. Nick Diedzick
  8. Eric Herstowski
  9. Dan Blaum
  10. Michael Zurales
  11. Zach Bandyk
  12. Josh Malatia
  13. Marc Alvarez
  14. James David
  15. Sean Meyer

Practice begins Friday, 3-5. Enjoy Thursday off, then get ready to ball. We got Westmont in 13 days.