Boys JV – First Cut

Congratulations to the first group of boys making the cut. We’ll cut from this 28 down to roughly 12 tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a tough, competitive day. Bring your best effort.

  1. Eric Herstowski
  2. Dan Blaum
  3. Michael Zurales
  4. Sam Cibulka
  5. Jack Daly (6th grade)
  6. Marc Alvarez
  7. Dan Garcia
  8. Anthony Stellato
  9. Adam Puschzarski
  10. Andre Alfini
  11. James David
  12. Tommy McCallion
  13. Sushant Lala
  14. Jake Pilleggi
  15. Nick Diedzic
  16. Josh Malatia
  17. Audie Brackett
  18. Andrew Sasnau
  19. Zack Bandyk
  20. Ryan Schehovic
  21. Ali Issa
  22. Drew Dusza
  23. Paul Gurnic
  24. Max Wascher
  25. Steven Mucha
  26. Ian Germann
  27. Jimmy Metherd
  28. Sean Meyer


Forgive me, as I’m sure I butchered some spellings there.

These 28 boys should come to the New Gym from 3-5 tomorrow in the New Gym. If any boys that did not make the cut would like to talk to me, please see me in the morning. Thanks again for your time, enthusiasm, and interest in the team. As I said in tryouts, we only select the 12 or so players that are best for this team – it does not mean you are a bad player! Keep playing, keep trying, and never lose that love for the game!


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