History Fair – Day 2

Now that students are fully motivated for HF, the work begins. First and foremost – topic selection! Students really need to vet their topics here. Our focal point today was “turning points.”

A turning point in history is exactly that: an event, person, or idea that changes the course of history. The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1965. Steve Jobs and his iPhone. Or Christopher Columbus and his arrival in the New World.

Turning Points come in all sizes. But they only have to affect change… how does YOUR topic change something?

There are lots of good topics and ideas out there, but not every idea is “History Fair ready.” Navy Pier is wonderful! But, how has it been a turning point? So is “The Bean.” As is the election of Barack Obama. These things are too recent to see the change, or too hard to prove the change. With all the great history in Chicago and Illinois, keep looking!