I Got a Story For You…

ImageSome of my favorite memories of childhood are of my Grandpa Joe telling me stories. Most of them were true,   and more were interesting, but I always enjoyed listening to my Grandpa. Even if a story is silly or a joke, something can be gained from the story.  You can learn about how people lived, family relations, the situations we’ve survived through, and so on. There’s just something special about  hearing people tell their stories. Especially old guys!

Storytelling is like having a book read to you. Stories told by another person can be rich in detail and excitement. You also have a special kind of engagement that a book cannot.

The Chicago History Museum has put together a series of stories online. They may not be Grandpa’s but they’re pretty cool. You can find them organized by age group here: http://www.greatchicagostories.com/elementary.php I recommend the “elementary” ones for many 7th graders, though some may certainly enjoy (and comprehend) the “high school” stories.

I’d like students to read one of these today, then leave a comment on this post. Which story is your favorite? Why?

And when you’re done, check out this article: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-01-29/news/ct-edit-grantpark-0129-20120129_1_museum-move-navy-pier-forever-open We’ll discuss this question later, but ponder it for now… What are the benefits to Chicago having a place like Grant Park being “forever clear, open, and free?”


76 thoughts on “I Got a Story For You…

  1. Kyle Ferreri

    My favorite story was ”A Tough Call” because it is about sports and i am really in to sports and like to hear stories about sports.

  2. Daniel Hernandez

    My personal favorite story was “The Best of the Fair”. It was my favorite because a nine year old that is named Lilly and her brother has to find were Mr. Weller is in the fair. But all she knows is that he is in the best place ever in the fair.

  3. Vincent V

    2 of my favorite stories were Hot Dog! and The Colombian Exposition story because I think it gives a lot of history of Chicago

  4. Kaelyn Arlt P. 4

    I enjoyed reading the Hot Dog story because it reminded me of myself and how I was/am. Also, it was nice to have to read after the quiz/test.

  5. Sarina Bales

    I liked The Best of the Fair because it was interesting how everybody was describing it and how some thought of it as a city and everybody’s views of it in general were cool.

  6. Allie Brandt period 5

    I liked the Vienna Beef story the most because I love ketchup, and hot dogs, but not together…never put ketchup on a hot dog in Chicago! :)

  7. Marc Alvarez

    I read a story about the protests at the Democratic National Convention that took place in Chicago. It made me happy to know that we have it a lot better than people used to.

  8. Lindsay Morton

    I read a story about hot dogs!! I love putting ketchup on my hot dog! It is so interesting how hot dogs are a huge part of Chicago!!

    Period 5

  9. Eve Dygdon (P5)

    I read “Innovation and Entertainment: The Best of the Fair”. I liked that one best because the descriptions were great.

  10. Karina Melendez P.5

    I read a story about the new fair Columbia Exhibition that took place in Chicago. I enjoyed reading it because I’ve always loved fairs and i saw a picture of a Ferris wheel. I simply love Ferris wheels. (:

  11. My favorite story was the It’s A Long Way From Home story. I liked the description of early Chicago’s exhilarating dance clubs and delightful rent parties.

  12. Declan Wilson

    I read the story about the fair. I liked that the called the ferris wheel a machine that you can ride up into the the sky. it was a very interesting story. Period 6

  13. Hailey Rodden

    I read a story about the best of the fair. It was about how excited people in Chicago were about going to the fair. It captured my interest and i enjoyed it!

    Period 6

  14. Paulie

    I read the hot dog story it was funny how he only put ketchup on his hot dogs. It was cool he had a hot dog shop thing: )

  15. Tyler Spencer

    I read the Hot Dog story. It was really cool to learn about how hot dogs and the meat packing industry are important to Chicago. I never realized how much story there was behind a hot dog.

  16. Ross Michalek

    I read the story Vienna Hot Dog. It was my favorite, because Vienna Beef is one of the most popular Hot Dog brands in America. Also, the story was great, and it was very interesting to see how it was all created as the known brand in Illinois: Vienna Beef.

  17. kailee oconnor p.8

    i like hot dog so that’s why i read Vienna hot dog story and i liked it because at the beginning it said he wanted everything with ketchup no matter what and how many people were picky

  18. damiya perry p.8

    I liked the hot dog story because i can relate to it because I’m also a picky eater plus i have allergies so i don’t eat that many foods

  19. Taylor Morton

    I love Hot Dogs and I always put ketchup on my hot dogs! It is so cool how Chicago is famous for their hot dogs!

    Taylor Morton :)
    period 8

  20. My favorite story was the hot dog one because it was interesting to learn how people used to eat in “The good old days” :D -Pedro V. Del G. Period 8

  21. Genevieve Klamer

    my favorite satory was the hot dog one becuase it was intresting to learn about how people how poeple used to it a long time ago!-Genevieve Klamer P.8

  22. Elena Holz

    I read the story about the fair and it was very interesting to know how excited everyone was for a ferris wheel and now everyone gets excited for things like roller costers.

    p. 8

  23. Jeremy Leaf

    I liked the story called Tough Call because it was about baseball and I love to play baseball. I also liked it because I like to hear stories about baseball.

    Jeremy Leaf period 8

  24. Naomi Cimmino 8th period

    I like the story about transportation because its good to learn how people got around in the old days!!

  25. Josh Malatia

    I really liked the baseball story. I love baseball and baseball books interest me a lot, so i enjoyed reading it. Period 8

  26. Maggie Reynolds

    I read the hot dog story. It was very interesting. It made me hungry for hot dogs. I learned that in Chicago, they usually won’t have ketchup at hot dog stands.

  27. Natalie Repole

    I read the hot dog story. I only like ketchup on my hot dogs too, I guess I am not from Chicago. Natalie Repole P.6

  28. Stephen Kubik

    I read Hot Dog! and thought it was cool to learn about the meat-packing industry and thought it was cool how they used to put meat on trains to bring it to Chicago, but then started to use trucks for the shipping.
    -Stephen Kubik p.6

  29. Matthew LaRue 6th Period

    I read “Tough Call”. It was a very intresting story about baseball and since one of my favorite sports is baseball, i liked it and as well as any other baseball fan probably would. The story was about unfair coaches and how the Chicago White Sox thew the world series in 1919 because they’re coach was treating the players badly and how it relates to a boys position in the story.

  30. sabastian thornton

    sabastian thornton 8 period

    liked this story because of the history of hot dogs and i like hot dogs yummmmm!

  31. Sophia Cione P.6

    I read the “Bronsville Story” it taught me alot of about the african americans migrating to the north! :)

  32. Jack Poynton

    I read the story Vienna Beef because it was interesting about the kid obsessed with ketchup and wanted a hot dog with ketchup but the guy said no. Then in the end he gets the hot dog with everything which I find kinda funny.
    PERIOD 4

  33. Chantalle Dupont

    I read the Best of the Fair, and I thought it really captured how people back then reacted to our now everday gadgets.I could compare myself to Lilly and her family when they see new inventions that they never thought could be possible.

    Period 6

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