Fighting for Chicago

Today we discussed our new unit – Chicago & Midwest History.

Here’s a slideshow which anchored our discussion and thinking on the topic:

As I discussed at curriculum night a few days ago, one of my main objectives is for students to think about why history happened, instead of memorizing it. Memorizing is easier, as it requires less effort, but is also less permanent learning. Critical thinking is not only more meaningful and challenging, it’s more practical. Nobody cares about what history you memorize as you grow up; people care about how you process information, make decisions, and solve problems.

So, we ask two main questions:

  1. If you could begin a civilization from scratch, where would you choose, and why?
  2. What about Chicago’s location makes it so unique? What does it have that nobody else has? Why were even native Americans fighting for this land?

One thought on “Fighting for Chicago

  1. Molly Mandziara

    i read the story about thr old baseball team it was really interesting learning about what they did and how the game was played back then. O and btw u rock Mr. Little!!!!!

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