What is Learning?

Today’s lesson is based on two different thoughts on education from two fairly intelligent people. 

Students will analyze & interpret what each means, then compare which one is more like their view of education. I expect a vibrant discussion!

To wrap up this portion of the lesson, students will then write their own philosophy. 


77 thoughts on “What is Learning?

  1. Kyle Ferreri

    I thought these quotes were very interesting and taught me that if you don’t study with desire then don’t bother studying.

    Kyle Ferreri P.3

  2. Molly Mandziara

    I have been enjoying social studies class! i think that this concept of really learning what learning is shows and proves a lot of great things. :D

  3. Daniel Hernandez

    I enjoyed social studies today because the quotes where fun to learn about and what they mean. I also enjoyed S.S because we got to create a poster and make our own quote.

  4. Lauren Krause

    I’ve been having a lot of fun in Social Studies so far. Today’s lesson was really fun and made everyone read in between the lines of each quote.

  5. Tyler Spencer

    I think it’s going to be really fun in S.S class this year. I enjoyed thinking of qoute today and it was nteresting to see what others came up with.

    Tyler Spencer P. 6

  6. Alec Wynne

    I find these quotes very true to life. those who dont like studying find nothing in return.
    Alec Wynne P6.

  7. I really enjoyed social studies class today. It was really fun to learn about the 2 quotes. I also like how we had to think of what the quotes meant on our own, and that we get to make up our own quote.

  8. Trudy Davis

    I really enjoyed the lesson today and thought it was very interesting. As I read the quotes from the very smart people of the world it really made me think.
    – Trudy Davis per.4

  9. Pedro Del Granado

    It was a blast to learn about theese quotes and it was fun to learn practically what they ment and to see who said them! :)
    Pedro Del Granado per. 8

  10. Damiya Perry

    Your expectations are fair and the website is very organized. It’s easy to find things quickly and easily.

    per.8 and homebase

  11. Max Baer

    Social Studies has been amazing so far. Your blog is really cool. I cant wait until tomorrow.

    Period 5

  12. Makaila

    Social studies has been a great class so far this year! The quotes today were tough, fun, and really put your mind to work!! Hopefully this will be a challenging, fun year!!

    ~ Makaila
    Period 8

  13. Makaila Scheiblein

    Social studies has been a great class so far this year! The quotes today were tough, fun, and really put your mind to work!! Hopefully this will be a challenging, fun year!!

    ~ Makaila
    Period 8

  14. Kaitlyn Maas

    Social Studies is super great. These quotes really made you think.They might be hard to understand at first but it was a fun challenge!
    Kaitlyn Maas period 4

  15. Natalie Olsen

    I like these quotes a lot. They teach you good lesson and they’re just nice to know.

    Period 5 :)

  16. Samantha

    Social Studies is going to be a great challenging class this year. I had fun today writing about what the quotes meant and making up our own. I also like your blog it is different from other teachers which I think is fun!

    Samantha Kunstman
    period 4

  17. Sabastian Thornton

    I think that this Social studies class should be fun and that Mr. little will help us get though it easy. Sabastian Thornton- 8 period

  18. Amy Wang

    The quotes were visibly well thought out and obviously weren’t swiftly pulled from thin air. I liked the discussion contemplating the definition of them, as they could be interpreted differently according to one’s own experiences and opinions.

    Period 6

  19. Stephen Kubik

    I Thought the quotes were very profound. I liked to inquire upon what they meant and that we got to make our own quotes.

    Stephen Kubik p.6

  20. Tamara Laban Period 4

    I had a great day today in Social Studies with the quote discussions. I never knew the word “quote” can get everyone to have a discussions. The two quotes in class today really made me think about each word and how many ways in can be interpreted. I tried writing my own quote, but it is probably not even close to being like the ones I saw today in class. I usually never have anything to say in Social Studies but today I felt like I really learned something today.

  21. Allie Brandt

    I enjoyed dissecting the quotes today in class. It was fun making up our own quotes and I can’t wait for social studies tomorrow!!! :)

  22. Eve Dygdon

    Analyzing quotes is something I’ve never really done before, and it’s fun. I hope we do more of it later in the year.

    5th period

  23. Enrica Uhlen =D

    I completely loved learning about these different people and how their quotes will help me throughout this year. Today was a great day in social studies class and l also liked analyzing and getting to understand what philosophy is. I look forward to learning a lot more over this year.
    ~Enrica Uhlen\period 8

  24. Sarina Bales

    Today in Social Studies, I really enjoyed going over these two quotes. It was nice to get a chance to break apart each quote and be able to thouroughly understand what each means.
    Period 4

  25. Maggie Reynolds

    I enjoyed making up my own quote today. I think social studies is going to be really fun this year.
    Period 5

  26. Daniel Blaum

    It was a lot of fun and it was cool to see everyones different opinions on the quotes.

    Daniel Blaum P.5

  27. Sydney Antiporek

    Social Studies has been awesome and very interesting so far. I can wait to start doing projects.

    Period 4

  28. Viraj Gupta

    Both quotes were really good, but I agree with Da Vinci’s more. I’m excited about 7th grade!

    Viraj Gupta
    8th Period

  29. Kaelyn Arlt

    I enjoyed the quotes Because it really got your brain flowing. I learned that if you want to study you will learn better than not wanting to study because it will be boring and you won’t learn.

  30. Naomi Cimmino

    For the first quote i thought it ment that you shouldn’t let the things you know interfere with the things you learn.

  31. Chantalle Dupont

    The quotes we discussed today in Social Studies class has kept me thinking. I enjoyed the idea of you letting us make our own quotes. This idea helped me think about the depths of eduacation and learning. I now know that I will use the quotes we learned today for my future years in school. Even though it has only been two days of school, Social Studies has been one of my favorite classes.

    Period 6

  32. tyler smiles

    I really liked righting the quotes today because it was fun thinking of how to have school and something else tied together

  33. jack daly

    i can’t wait for social studies this year i think it will be so fun with a great teacher. i think 7 grade will be fun,hard and confusing p.3

  34. Vincent Vena

    Those 2 Quotes Are Very Interesting! I especially like the Leonardo da Vinci Quote. I am looking forward to 7th Grade Social Studies…..Period 3

  35. Kablan Awad

    I had fun learning about the quotes because they made u think about what it means.I am looking foward to Social Studies, it will be fun =D-Kablan Awad,Period 3

  36. Andrew Aguilera

    The two quotes made me think hard on the meanings. Thinking of my own quote was quite difficult but i thought of one so i can’t wait to learn more. Andrew Aguilera Period 4

  37. Kablan Awad

    I had fun learning about the quotes because they made you think about what it means. I am looking forward to Social Studies, it will be fun=D.Kablan Awad Period 3

  38. Elena Holz

    i like how you had us write our own quotes. It got us thinking because you can’t just write anything.

    Elena Holz(NOT haley:) p.8

  39. Lindsay Weaver

    I enjoyed social studies class today, it really made me think, and showed me if you do something without desire don’t bother doing it.

  40. Mia Pinto

    I really like social studies today! It got my mind thinking a lot and was very fun. It was also fun making my own quote! Period 4

  41. Drew Dusza

    I really liked learning about the two quotes. They taught me to never to take the short way. Period 8.

  42. Nicole Zowaski

    I bet these quotes will help a lot of kids and their study’s. It helps us understand the real importance of education and that you have to study hard.

  43. Sara Awad

    I think these would help a lot of people and encourage them! And sorry I posted at this time the Internet was down. Sara Awad period 5

  44. Karina Melendez

    I really love your class so far mr.Little! i think that makr twain was trying to say dont have your peers get in the way of your learning. period 5!

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