Welcome to Mr. Little’s Class

The following is a handout that I will distribute to students on Monday. Can’t wait to get them in here to start doing big things!

Attached version of Class Guide 2012-13.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Mr. Little’s Class

  1. Josh Malatia

    So far i love this class! I like how you put in more work than other teaches to help us.
    Josh Malatia Period 8

  2. Zach Bandyk

    I really like this class so far… Seems like you will be a good teacher this year.
    Zach Bandyk Period 4

  3. Sophia

    This was a great idea to send this out before hand and make my parents aware of what the expectations were, and give them a heads up before curriculum night! You seem like a very organized teacher who is an enthusiastic in coaching and teaching!! Sooo excited to continue the year!!!!! :)

  4. Ross Michalek

    So far I really enjoy your class. I always hear great things about you and your teaching. I really appreciate this class, and I’m looking forward to Social Studies this year. (Ross Michalek Period 6).

  5. Ashley Sanchez

    Even though its only the 2nd day of year i’m really enjoying Social Studies. Your blog is also really helpful. It’s nice to know that you really care about notifying the students and their parents. It seems like you have alot of fun acticities planned and i looked forward to being in your class(: [Ashley Sanchez, Period 5]

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