Truly Great Teaching

When teaching is good, kids learn stuff. When it’s greatsomething far more inspirational happens.

A few people I follow tweeted/retweeted a video of some cute kids singing a popular song. It’s pretty good. Upon reading some more, it turns out that these kids – Staten Island NY’s PS22 5th Grade Choir – are becoming famous. They participated in the Oscars last  year, have been featured on Oprah, and have an award-winning documentary coming out soon (“Once Upon a Lulaby”). They’ve even been featured in a Target commercial.

This is more than a viral video. It’s evidence of truly great teaching.

As the PS22 Chorus earned accolades, so did their teacher, Gregg Breinberg. And deservedly so. His teaching helps young adolescents find confidence, build friendships, collaborate with others, find value in hard work, and – most importantly – doing something with passion.

I don’t sit in Mr. B’s classroom, so I have no idea what curriculum he teaches or how well his students score on standardized tests. But spending a couple of hours on the web and youtube is evidence enough that this man is a ridiculous success. His teaching is clearly changing the lives of students. We should all aim to have the same goals with our children this year.



9 thoughts on “Truly Great Teaching

  1. Kailey Franchi

    there is one little girl im the back, towards the end, that made me die laughing. See if you can find her!
    kailey franchi period 4

  2. Adam Rosignal

    That was awesome it goes to show 2 things, that if teaching is follwed the right way it can produce great things also it goes to show that these kids are very talented
    AdamRosignal period 6

  3. I thing that this article is very cool.I also think that it’s true because if you arnt a good teacher then your students wouldn’t learn anything at all.


    -Marcelo Avila Period 4

  4. Jake Burrows P.5

    The group was in amazing harmony creating a thoughtful tune. The director should be really proud of what he has accomplished to make that song happen!! Thanks Mr. Little!!!

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