Basketball Never Stops

We finished our training sessions today. For 9 weeks, Coach Holakovsky and I trained around 12 players for 45 minutes, every Friday. It was a great success, largely because training was personalized to each player’s needs. Sessions were repetitive, progressive, and competitive, allowing us to see the growth we wanted, but also in game-like situations.

Girls also got their traditional summer t-shirts. We designed them with the tag “basketball never stops” as a tribute to last summer and fall’s explosion of pick-up and street ball. During the NBA lockout, players were restricted from training at team facilities.


These guys responded by hooping any and everywhere. LeBron, Wade, and Kobe played in pro-ams accross the country. Even had a barnstorming tour planned before the lockout ended. Bucks’ guard Brandon Jennings would invite followers in NYC and LA (through twitter) to play at parks. Even Derrick Rose got in the act with impromtu appearances and games. Instead of being stopped, players just HAD to ball… Basketball NEVER stops! When you love the game, nothing can keep you from it. I still pack a ball and my shoes on every vacation. :)

We carried this tradition to LV in the form of open gyms and this training. No summer league, but lots of basketball. High school kids came back. Old kids played with younger kids (Nate!). And girls challenged boys. Basketball never stopped at LV this summer.

Through summer training, we saw a few specific players improve tremendously. Jenny, Dana, Kelly, Jen, and Kailee were here almost every week. All can use their left hands, accellerate/decellerate properly, and finish with strong jump stops. The last few weeks featured finishing with contact, pressure, and at full speed. These girls killed it… Real proud of their dedication.

In total, 23 players were trained by us. They gave up their summer Fridays to hoop and get better. Aside from travel players, I don’t think many schools had their kids in the gym quite like we did. Basketball NEVER stops!