Coaching is Teaching. Playing is Learning.

Yesterday I merged my basketball and teaching blogs. If you follow me on twitter, you noticed this, as I subjected my followers to an accidental retweet of every blog post. Ever. Oops!

The merge was more than symbolic. For years I’ve tried to isolate one from the other. I didn’t want to be accused of being that stereotypical social studies teacher. You know the one – survives teaching every day just so he/she can get to coaching. But I’m not that guy, and everyone knows it. I’m not perfect, but I never assign reading and a worksheet for homework. I work HARD as a teacher. And I am a basketball coach. I don’t just coach. I run a program and pour my heart into it. Everyone knows that, too. I’m the same guy, no sense hiding one from the other.

More importantly: I’ve decided to become an advocate, promoting coaching as another part of the teaching profession. Gone are the days of instructing plays and yelling like Bobby Knight. (For most of us at least). I teach decision making, reading, analyzing, compare and contrasting, creativity, enthusiasm, reflection, respect, hard work and a million life lessons. Basketball is simply another class I teach.


Why should I seperate teaching and coaching as seperate things, when they are not. I look forward to having a more seamless approach to my profession. And I look forward to far more frequent posting since I wont be splitting the two up. And hopefully more connecting, too! There are so many great teachers out there in sport, and even more lessons I bring from my classroom into basketball.


3 thoughts on “Coaching is Teaching. Playing is Learning.

  1. Eric Herstowski

    I think its cool how you are promoting coaching as a part of teaching. I really enjoy class with you! -Eric Herstowski Period 5

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