Illinois Project Update

Projects are due Friday (May 25), and students have been given the entire week to complete their projects. Several are coming in already completed.

I’ve not developed a rubric, and will not. As we discussed in class, I find rubrics to be an excellent guide for students as they learn to research and construct a product representative of their learning. However, at this point of the year, our students have honed those skills. This project is an opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned not just in content (Illinois/Chicago History), but in the process of making a product.

Here are the two sets of guidelines by which this product will be graded.

  1. Our Illinois Project instructions (delivered to students on 5/7) outline the 3 tenets of research – describing how and why it is important, creating a great product, and synthesizing all the info into your own original work.
  2. Our Unit Plan’s “Essential Questions,” which drive all work during this unit.
Additionally, specific projects may have some specific guidelines, too (such as building height). Please refer to the Project Handout form for more info.

I’m keeping my guidelines simple in order to maximize student independence and creative, divergent thinking. Once projects are done,  I’ll grade them based on the above standards (out of a total of 75 points).

Seeing that grades are due at 8:00 am on Tuesday (5/29) morning, I cannot have projects coming in on Monday morning unless the situation is dire. I warned students of this 2 weeks ago, and advised them as they’ve worked on their project to keep the 5/25 due date in mind. I simply cannot grade 30 late projects in 10 minutes on Tuesday (5/29) morning.