Illinois & Chicago Map Quest

Today in class we’re exploring our local history. We’ll begin with identifying the places and locations around Chicago and throughout Illinois. Students will work in groups to compete/complete the worksheet below. Use these sources, in addition to google/wikipedia:

And our assignment:


2 thoughts on “Illinois & Chicago Map Quest

  1. Michael Blazevich and James Dourdourekas

    This is Michael Blazevich and James Dourdourekas. This is not a joke we are having technical difficulties and have conflicts with mikes baseball. it would be nice if we could have the weekend to do the building. we could do the paragraphs by friday. Remember this is not a joke

  2. Boys:

    You need to do your best to get this project done by Friday. You’ve known about Mike’s schedule the duration of this project, and his sport does not qualify as “technical difficulties.” Due Friday at 2:56!

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