Summary of Research

Tomorrow students must turn in a 2-paragraph summary of research, with 3 sources they’ve used. For these summaries, I’m looking for what students have learned to date. I’m not concerned about what they’ll build their skyscraper out of, or how many inches tall the building is. I want to see that students have read various sites, sources, or books, have processes that information, and can connect their topic to one of our essential questions.

  1. What are the origins of Chicago?
  2. How have Chicago and Illinois grown so quickly?
  3. What people or happenings have made Chicago so famous and global?

Students’ summaries need to show me that they’ve not only read from various sources, but that they understand how and why their topic is important. Please don’t restate how tall the building is, or how many floors it is, or when Daniel Burnham was born. Think! Synthesize!