Chicago Fire & Daniel Burnham’s Plan of 1909

Today we discussed the Great Fire. Not so much the details of how it started (which are unclear), but what came as a result of the devastation. We’ll use the fire to pivot into Daniel Burnham and the impact of the “City Beautiful” movement on Chicago.

Today’s presentation is largely lecture based, but here are the slides. Out of context, they’re not entirely useful, but some slides provide helpful facts.

Once we move past the discussion of the Fire, we link Burnham’s Plan of 1909 and the City Beautiful movement. Was the Fire a good thing? What would our city be like had that great tragedy not happened? Did the Fire allow something amazing, and fortunate, to happen to our city?

Student’s should complete a revised City Plan based on our discussion today. We should learn lessons from our first failures, and build a better city. It’s not only a blank slate to make an impression on, but an opportunity to make lives better through efficiency and enjoyment.

These are due tomorrow!