The Illinois Project

Today we launch our Chicago Project. This is a project that differentiates wonderfully in two ways:

  1. Students select their research topic.
  2. Students select their product.

The main requirements of this project are to:

  1. Meet the expectations detailed on the handout.
  2. Answer one of the “Essential Questions.”
  3. Follow the 3 tenets outlined on my handout.

I’m not giving out any handouts. I just want to see students work, and learn. We’ve done such a great amount of time researching and building to this point; it should be automatic for student to complete one of these projects more independently.

Please observe the due dates this project does have, too.


3 thoughts on “The Illinois Project

  1. Gswag

    R we aloud to bring x acto cutting tools to school for cutting are foam board to build are sculpture

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