Mr. K’s Tips for Success

I think that the greatest thank you present that I can give to the students would be the wisdom that I gained in my path from Lakeview to DGS to College and back to Lakeview. After all, I went to Lakeview and sat in those desks (quite literally) eight years ago. Here are a few things that I have learned in my life that I hope can guide all of you to success in life. You all are the very best, and I want the very best for all of you.

Inside School

Do your homework
Raise your hand in class
Annotate the text to help you remember what you read
Join clubs/sports
Go to the school activities like Homecoming, Turnabout, Prom, and the Mustang Mad Dash
Say hello to the principal (and say thank you for all of the hard work)
Plan for the future – pick the classes that you are interested in to help you find a career that you will love

Outside School

Respect is the foundation of all of your future relationships
Focus on how you feel about yourself, not others (do not let your self-esteem be determined by others and their opinions about you)
Focus on the positive in life, not the negative
Be an individual – stand out in the crowd, think for yourself

These are the things that have helped me in my life, and I hope they can help you in yours.