Mercantilism – All Classes But Fourth Period

I (Mr. K) am now teaching all of Mr. Little’s classes except for fourth period. Today we had a mini lesson on mercantilism because of the shortened class periods. Here is my PowerPoint about mercantilism:

What was the main idea of today? Mercantilism was a major factor contributing to the desire of the colonists to break away from England. Under the Navigation Acts, the colonists of the Thirteen Colonies were forced to sell their goods only to England and purchase only English-made goods. In other words, England had a monopoly over all commerce in the Thirteen Colonies. This is not good for business, and in fact, Thomas Paine cites mercantilist practices as one of his reasons for independence in his work Common Sense. Think about what would happen today if you were only allowed by law to shop at one store. What would happen to the prices of the items up for sale? Now think about how the colonists felt about that 350 years ago!

Thus says Mr. K