13 Colonies Materials for 4th and 5th Period

13 Colonies Test tomorrow!

We will have a test on Thursday, February 23rd.  This test will cover the 13 Colonies (largely, Textbook Chapter 4). A large portion of class time has been reserved to using our reading strategies and better note-taking/comprehension methods in order to understand what we’re reading (from both textbooks and primary sources).



The test will be composed of 10 Map/Matching, 10 Multiple Choice Questions, and 1 Paragraph “essay.” For this essay, students will be asked to select one of the four following questions to write about:

  1. Determine which colony was the best to live in? Why?
  2. Summarize the examples of Religious Tolerance are there in the colonies?
  3. Judge which leader of the colonies was the best leader.
  4. Interpret what this statement means: “The North was a society with slaves, whereas the South was a slavery society.”



The following terms, people, ideas, and questions should help you prepare for all questions on the test:


  1. Royal Colony
  2. Proprietary Colony
  3. John Winthrop
  4. Roger Williams
  5. Thomas Hooker
  6. Anne Hutchinson
  7. William Penn
  8. Cash Crops
  9. Middle Colonies
  10. Southern Colonies
  11. New England Colonies
  12. Religious Tolerance
  13. Town Meetings
  14. Act of Toleration
  15. Quakers