Periods 2-3 and 7-8 Study Guide and Creativity

We have a test next week Thursday over the Thirteen Colonies. I have created a study guide that details literally every single thing that is on the test. Each student is to complete the study guide following the directions on the sheet. It will be worth 25 points and is due at the beginning of class next week Thursday. Here is the study guide:

The assignment for the students to complete over this long weekend is a creative assignment. They are to either write a piece of creative fiction or draw a picture about life in the Thirteen Colonies. They can imagine themselves living in this time period and write about whatever they may choose with the big caveat that it must be school appropriate AKA no slavery, no bloody fighting, etc. Further directions are on the sheet. The big thing for them to remember is that they must include vocabulary words from the textbook in their story or write up about the drawing. For ideas about how to complete this assignment, turn to sections 4.1 through 4.3 of the textbook. Here is the assignment:

Thus says Mr. K