Harry Potter Day

Next week Tuesday, the 21st, will be dedicated to a case study of the New England colonies. We will be looking at the Salem Witch Trials and their relationship to the belief system of the Puritans. We will discuss possible causes of the hysteria as well as brainstorm examples of mass hysteria (such as the Y2K scare) that we see in the modern world.

Since witchcraft is what the Salem Witch Trials dealt with, it only seems appropriate that we make Tuesday our official Harry Potter Day. I will dress up in my Gryffindor tie and bring my wand/robe/hat for the fun. I encourage anyone else to wear a Harry Potter shirt/outfit on Tuesday for our own little spirit day.

Furthermore, I will have a Harry Potter trivia competition in my room during B lunch. I know that is when band meets. I am very sorry about that, but I promise that we will have another trivia competition at a different time (perhaps during A lunch?) Students who are free during B lunch are welcome to bring their lunches down to the social studies room and participate. Students are NOT allowed to miss band or any other obligation for this.

There is only room for 25 students in the room anyway, and I have about 20 signed up so it will work out. Third through fifth periods, I am sorry but I did not pass the sign up sheet around for your classes. Talk to me on Tuesday if you’d like to come. I just don’t want to turn anyone away at the door.

I think that connecting social studies content to what is popular today is an effective learning strategy. I hope that this works out well.

Thus says Mr. K