Seventh and Eighth Period Updates

We are approaching the end of our unit on the early colonization of the Americas.  The unit was organized thematically in order to critically examine the impact that the Spanish, French, and English colonizers had on the Native Americans, the European immigrants that came to these colonies, and the development of their empires.  This is the first time in world history that the people of Europe, Africa, and the Americas came together to build a new society.  This had positive consequences as well as negative consequences and changed the world forever.

The topics we discussed this week were:

Spanish encomienda and the beginning of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

French colonization of the Americas – fur trapping and trading with the Native Americans

Jamestown and Plymouth – gentlemen and indentured servants in contrast to Pilgrims and religious persecution

We are going to wrap up the early colonies unit this upcoming week with a discussion about colonial government and how the early settlers were able to build their societies out of the wilderness.  We will look more at Jamestown and the origin of the southern colonies and contrast it with the goals of the Pilgrims and Puritans and their religious society.  Our test is next week Thursday and will cover the Spanish, French, and English colonization.  The students received study guides on Thursday to help their studying.  These are to be completed and handed in on the day of the test and will be worth 25 points.

I have entered in grades for the past four assignments we have had this week, the French fur trappers activity, the Spanish/French Venn Diagram, the Virtual Jamestown worksheet, and their accountability sheets for the past two weeks.  If there is a 0 by your grade, do not panic!  That simply means I do not have that assignment from you, so you need to get it to me or Mr. Little as soon as possible.  The 0 is there to remind you to do that, not to scare you.

And of course do not forget about History Fair!  Keep researching because we are at a critical point.  Continue gathering facts and sources.  The 40 facts and 10 sources due next week Friday is of course the minimum needed for our class project.  Ms. Pfister of the History Fair administration said that winning entries typically have 25 sources.  Remember to contact Mr. Little or myself if you are having trouble finding sources or information.  I know that all of you are capable of doing high quality research and producing projects that are going to astound the judges.  Keep working, and it will all be worth it!