Filet Mignon & Cheese Whiz

Mr. K and I have worked hard this week to help students understand:

  1. How to shape a research question that drives your work.
  2. What kind of facts they need to answer that research question!
  3. How to really research, moving beyond background information collected from common sites.

STOP it with Wikipedia! Great researchers don’t use Wikipedia. Does a gourmet chef use Cheese Whiz? I mean, I like Cheese Whiz, but not when I want a classy dinner. Wikipedia is awesome if you’re just trying to get familiar on a topic. But for serious research? Eeek.

Here’s a sample sheet we expect students to show us. We’re moving towards 25 total facts from 7 unique and great sources. Evaluate my sample sheet. What is good about it? What’s wrong with it? We’ll go over this next week.



One thought on “Filet Mignon & Cheese Whiz

  1. Froaty105

    well, You can find out anything from google, BE MPORE SPECIFIC!!!!! (I don’t think I spelled that correct) Any way… 1 and 2= BAD
    3 and 4= GREAT!!!

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