Extra Credit!

I have to shovel my own hood’s driveway, so I’ll make this brief: help some neighbors out and shovel their driveways! Students just need to prove to me that they did something for the common good and helped a neighbor out, and I’ll give them a few extra credit points. I know everyone’s got plows and blowers, but if any nice kids are out there doing something for their community, having some civic virtue, I can reward them in the classroom that attempts to teach them the importance of such behaviors.

And by “prove,” I don’t need anything crazy, just an email from the neighbor, mom/dad, a photo or video of you being nice, just some kind of evidence you did the deed!

3 thoughts on “Extra Credit!

  1. Froaty105

    Hey for the Extra Credit…. can I still do it… Sry, just went on 2 ur blog, and thought I Might look for the notes from today, cause I forgot to bring my notes home… BTW can I still do the extra credit?????

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