History Fair Update

Today our class was visited by Theresa Pfister of the Chicago Metro History Education Center. She had a wonderful presentation to help us understand how our projects could become great. The history fair is all about becoming a student historian – our children have to think critically, form a strong thesis, and create evidence to support their argument. Thanks, Theresa, for a great visit!

One of the best tools available to our students over the next few weeks is the Research Center at the Chicago History Museum. (We used to visit the CHM on a 7th grade Field Trip, but no longer do) What’s great about the CHM is this: make an appointment on a Saturday, on a half day (1/25 and 2/28), or on a day off (2/20, 3/5, and 3/9) and their staff will give you a room, pull a bunch of clippings, books, and primary sources, and assist you in research.

How cool is that?!

Make a day out of it – go skating, get a steak, some pizza, catch the Bulls… if you can get downtown at all – check out the Chicago History Museum!! (Here’s the link:http://chicagohistory.org/research/resources/history-fair/make-a-history-fair-appointment) Also – be sure to book early – they fill up quick! A week is recommended, but you can still try for this weekend, as they have openings as of this AM.

The students should have 10 facts due tomorrow, they’ll need 25 next week, and ultimately, on 2/3, will need a total of 40 great facts from 10 different resources. I’ll be sending more info regarding a timeline and due dates later!