American History Project Update

Today we discussed notecards as a means to collect and organize information while we research. This is the basis of our project, really.

Each student needs 30 facts on 30 notecards. Those 30 facts must come from at least 5 different resources.

I’ll need all 30 notecards by class on Wednesday, 12/8.


64 thoughts on “American History Project Update

  1. N!(K NU((!0

    Nick Nuccio and Ryan Polivka

    Civil War weapons and battle plans

    What types of firearms and generals were there?

  2. Paul Lee Dom

    Paul Lee and Dom Mccallion
    Civil War
    Research question: How did the South win battle of Fort Sumter and how did the North win battle of Bull Run

  3. maria, Olivia, Keyerra

    Olivia V., Maria D. & Keyerra E.
    The Native Culture (Aztecs)
    What made the Aztecs Culture interesting?

  4. Susan!!!

    Partners; Mary, and Kristina
    Period 3, Civil War.
    What are the major battles of the Civil War, and the affects of it?

  5. Kelsey Crane

    Kelsey Crane
    The American Civil War (1861–1865)
    What Weapons or machinery were used/invented during the civil war?

    Hi there Mr.Little!

  6. Vivian, Caroline, Olivia(:

    Vivian PIerropoulos, Caroline Grannan, Olivia Tonietto
    Colonizing America, Civil War, Civil Rights Movement
    Question: How did Jackie Robinson become an iconic sports idol.

  7. zack

    Zack Wascher Ian Wisnieski Cannon Brackett
    Period 3
    How did Pearl Harbor Get the US into World War II and the making of the atom bomb.

  8. Renee Kryk and Ewa Wisniewski

    Renee Kryk and Ewa Wisniewski
    Steve Jobs whole life
    How did Steve Jobs change technology for the world?

  9. Liucija Bikulciute and Morgan Lynch (:

    Liucija Bikulciute and Morgan Lynch (:
    Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.
    Research question: How did the Apple Inc. affect the way we use technology today.

  10. Grant Fisher and Joe DeSanto

    Grant Fisher Joe Desanto
    The Afghanistan War
    Modern Time
    Research Question: What are the different point of views about the Afghanistan War?

  11. Darrell

    Darrell, Nick, Caden, Jesse
    How did these wars/battles provide for the common defense?
    Normandy, Black Hawk Down, D day

  12. Gillian and Penny

    Gillian Rustik and Penny Lopez
    2nd period
    How and Why was the transcontinential railroad made and formed?

  13. Dean Netzel Mark Portell Erick Aguilera

    Dean Netzel Mark Portell Erick Aguilera
    The American Revolution
    Who was George Washington? What was the American Revolution? How did it happen?

  14. Johnny Loundmouth

    How does fighting terrorism provide for the common defence?

  15. Paul Hougaard

    Paul Hougaard
    Kyle Soderstrom

    Why slaves were discriminated and what lives did slaves live?
    Included: Chinese, Africans, and Mexicans

  16. your name goes here--> :)

    Joshua & Mike
    1600 to 1700s
    How did the Powhatans live and what started the Powhatan War?

    Also we might have commented already but we are doing it again because we didn’t see it.

  17. Dwan,Pikul,Welker

    Claire Pikul, Cara Dwan, Stephanie Welker
    middle of the fifteenth century and lasted until the end of the eighteenth century.
    Our research quest, is to find the main battle tactics of the Renaissance era.

  18. Jessie Fortin, Gina Gonzalez, Sarah Casey.

    Period 7.


    What does the government do to prevent distracted driving in order to promote the general welfare and domestic tranquility?

  19. peeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppppppppsssssss

    Govt. other issues
    What first amendment rights that are you using to protest.

  20. Ari & Beth

    December 5, 2011 at 10:50
    Arisai Rodriguez, Beth Laviste :D
    How did World War 1 affect Americans today?

  21. Gisselle Cervantes mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Gisselle Cervantes, Vishal Sorakayla
    Period 7
    How did slavery start, and how did it affect America?

  22. Emily & Vanessa

    Emily Kaszyk, Vanessa Copeland
    Scientific Revolution
    Who were 3 major contributors to the Scientific Revolution, and how did their ideas/theories improve and develop over time?

  23. Gregory Arthur Johnson

    Greg Johnson Period Seven
    Native Americans
    How did the Native Americans get here, and what were they all about?

  24. Ashley and Madison

    Ashley Grudzinski, Madison Arceo P8
    Civil War
    What did the people do during the Civil War. (women, children, etc.)

  25. Emily & Vanessa

    Emily Kaszyk, Vanessa Copeland
    Scientific Revolution
    Who were 3 major contributors during the scientific revolution and how did their ideas/theories develop and improve over time?

  26. Ryan Stanuch, Raymond Liu

    Raymond Liu and Ryan Stanuch
    Period 8
    What Battles shaped the civil war?
    What guns did soldiers use?
    What was the effect of the war

  27. Grant And Joe DeSanto

    Grant Fisher
    Joe Desanto

    P 3

    Afghan war/ 911

    Q: How is America reacting to 9/11???

    sorry we had to change it

  28. Matt Millbrandt

    Matt Millbrandt
    Period 4
    How did the Cival War start and what was the Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address?


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