Phew! You’re done! :) One of the best feelings of working hard for anything (school included) is the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve worked has hard as possible. I know so many of you put a lot into preparing and studying for this Test, so I hope your score reflects your hard work. If not, you can try again after break next week!

Now, do some work for me!

  1. Study for your Science, Spanish, and other quizzes you have this week.
  2. Check our the History Fair Website to explore ideas and see if you can improve on yours (or decide on yours!). These are the best projects from last year. How can it make YOUR HF project better?
  3. Time for another “Letter to Mr. Little!” You can either handwrite it on notebook paper, or type it! Just like in September, this is a free write, using the following topics as ideas for your paragraphs (I just ask for three paragraphs):
  • What are you Thankful for this Thanksgiving?
  • What helped you prepare for the USC Test? What kinds of study methods, or tricks, or habits helped you memorize it as best you can? What from class was helpful as you learned?
  • What goals do you have for the next Trimester? What do you want to do better, try out, or continue?
  • What other random thoughts do you have?